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oddly romantic;
this spiral, this is the golden ratio and it's a mathematical pattern that just repeats itself in nature, in flower petals and honeybees, and you know, the stars in the galaxy, and in every molecule of our DNA. +


"Just kiss like normal people kiss"
I love them so so much

Just thought I’d bring this back because there will never be a moment when this wasn’t the most perfect thing to happen to television

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jen’s reactions are the cutest ^_^

"I guess one of the memorable ones was the premiere episode of the last season. We were on the boat, and I remember we were standing there and they had people with buckets of water standing on either side on ladders to make it seem like the waves were crashing on top of us. All of us got absolutely drenched, but we took it in turn. Everybody was standing behind the monitor watching everybody get soaked in slow motion, which was fun." (x)

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Rose, before I go… 

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if they wanted to name their baby after a hero they should’ve fucking named him graham

Try to remember I’m a werecoyote that murdered her own family.

                             I won’t judge. I  p r o m i s e.

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amy week: day one - favorite moment(s) and/or favorite quote(s)

"i’m easily worth two men"

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Georgina Haig and Elizabeth Lail at the Once Upon a Time Premiere Screening (Sept. 21, 2014)

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leekie doesn’t think cosima and delphine’s science puns are funny